Moringa Slim Tea
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Moringa Slim Tea

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Herbal Slimming Tea: 30 Day Supply

I The moringa plant is a natural diuretic and laxative and great appetite suppressant accelerates your metabolism that way it helps you burn calories .The vitamins in group B that the moringa contains will help you with digestion and it transforms food into energy without storing fat, helping you lose weight There is evidence that the Moringa accelerates the metabolism and works as an appetite suppressant and will help you overall in the general wellbeing of who consumes it. In about 5 oz of boiling water use one tea bag let it stand for 5 min and then drink while hot in the morning .

Please Note: Do not drink more than one cup a day. Suitable for women and men.


Drink one bag of tea a day for 30 days and loose hard to loose fat! While utilizing your Fierce Silhouette Waist Cincher garment's this herbal slimming detox tea will aid in adjusting your weight, shrinking your waist and cleanses your digestive system.


Weight Loss*
Clean Colon*
Boost Energy*
Healthy Digestive System*
Reduce Bloating*

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